The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed that requiers a lot of work on part of the owner and handler. It makes it even more satisfying when all the hours of training and grooming is recognized along with the dogs physical attributes.

Henceforth's Bodyguard with his father N Ch Debonairs Stand By Me and his owner: Nina Østli

Photo: Rune Østli

N Ch Henceforth's Bodyguard winning juniorclass at SYTS 2018

Judge Sergio Amien

N S Ch Sharmnatans Everlasting Love BIS winner & TOP YORKIE 2011 

Bred by Natalia Shardunova


16.08 Ex CQ 3rd best male Henceforth's Navy Seal

Ex CQ Jr2 Henceforth's Mini Angelgirl

Judge: Marianne Holmli

28.06. CAC 3rd best male Henceforth's Navy Seal

Judge: Anne Livø Buvik

29.02. BOB jr CAC 2nd best male Henceforth's Navy Seal

CQ 2nd best junior bitch Henceforth's Mini Angelgirl

jugdge: Aleksandra Cvijić Palumbo

01.02: Res.CAC 3. best male  Henceforth's Navy Seal

01.02: BOB Puppy Henceforth's Mini Angelgirl

Judge: Antonio DiLorenzo


15.11.2019: Norw Junior winner 2019 res.CAC

Henceforth's Navy Seal

Judge: Ingrid Borchorst, Denmark

10.11.:BOB Jr CAC male Henceforth's Delta Force

Judge: Csaba Zsolt Lokodi, Romania.

09.11.: BOB BOB jr CAC Henceforth's Navy Seal

Judge: Gabriel Valdez, Brazil

09.11.: BOS Puppy Henceforth's Mini Angelgirl

Judge: Arne Foss

26.10. SYTS: Junior male - 2 ck Henceforth's Navy Seal

26.10.  SYTS: BIS-2 Puppy Henceforth's Mini Angelgirl Judge: Jiri Halonen

21.07. CAC New Champion Henceforth's Bodyguard Judge: Hanne Laine Jensen, DK

22.06.BOB Puppy Henceforth's Navy Seal

27.04 BOB BOG3 Puppy Henceforth's Delta Force


15.09. CAC, ResCACIB male NEW CHAMPION Henceforth's Rock Star  Judge: Svein B Helgesen, Norway

09.06. BISS-Jr CAC male Henceforth's Bodyguard

Judge: breed specialist John Geraghty, UK

29.04. 2. best male CAC BOBjr Henceforth's Bodyguard

Judge:  breed specialist Rita McCarry Beattie

28.04 2. best male CAC Henceforth's Bodyguard

Judge: Tijana Konrad

31.03. 2. best male CC Henceforth's Rockstar

Judge:  breed specialist Ana Mesto

03.03. BOS puppy Henceforth's Ballroom Blitz

Judge: Anne Livø Buvik

28.01  2. best male CAC Henceforth's Rockstar

Judge: Peter Jolley